Angelo Ferreri (foto)
NaamAngelo Ferreri
Leeftijd32 - 33
Genrestechhouse, techno
Angelo Ferreri was born in Sicily in 1984.
Since his early age, he was fascinated by the world of music.
He spent most of his days listening underground radio dance programs and buying vinyl and CDs.
Attracted by the techno sounds of the 90's, he started to be interested in this new world.
At the age of 12 he started arranging an old Playstation as a digital workstation, beginning to learn the first arrangements and making his first steps on electronic sounds.
Since then you can already state that a new era was emerging!
As he started to get closer to other older DJs he quickly developed great skills on DJing.
This let him spinning at many clubs, first in Sicily and then in all Europe...
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