NaamAngel Parra
Leeftijd46 - 47
Born Angel Parra in Barcelona in 1971, this resident DJ Pacha Ibiza from 1999 till now...epitomizes the future sound of Pacha. Diverse, Deep and Groovy. Angel has DJed in Ibiza for the past 11 years, which explains his magical vibe and his reluctance to play abroad. He has smashed the floor in every Ibiza nightclub including the famous trio of Amnesia, Space and Pacha. The cherry on top thus far has to be his residency at Pacha Ibiza and decision to join the Pacha Booking Agency.

To go through the list of DJs he has played alongside would be futile, especially if you play daily in a club that has summer residents. His uncanny ability to read the demands of the dance floor demonstrates his teeming experience and understanding.
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Nice guy