NaamGianni Marino
Genresdubstep, house
Hailling from Amsterdam, Gianni Marino is one of the up and coming young ones churning out baltimore house inspired bangers. As a true fan of martial art movies the idea of mashing styles and techniques into one to enter into battle comes natural to him, and so mixmashing musical styles has become his signature sound. With remixes for artists as diverse as rap sensation Wacka Flocka, Chain Gang, Mike Posner, Lil Wayne and supercool Nouveau Yorican the kid's taking all the right steps to bring his fresh sounds to the ears of the masses. With the support of heavyweights such as Laidback Luke, Diplo ,Angger Dimas, Mahesa Utara, David Guetta, Tiësto, GTA, Hernan Ambrogi,Blink and ofcourse China sudden success could just be around the corner!
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