Men in Trees (foto)
NaamAlex Valera & Jürgen Tharau
FunctieDJ, groep
Alex Valera, Alex Valera
Genreseclectic, house, lounge, techno
Men in Trees aka Alex Valera and Jürgen Tharau are the driving force behind the evolving Aachen based record label, Audio Parish. They first met in Cologne in 2002 where they soon realised the connection which became deeper over the years by following their mutual love of music and finally lead to 'Men in Trees'. Having followed the same parties, playing at the same events and talking continually about their love of music for many years, Jürgen founded the record label Audio Parish in 2006. The very first release of Men in Trees was very successful and was licensed by Fumiya Tanaka for his official Mix CD - "Shift To The Other Time".
In 2007 they started "Men in Trees" officially...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 20 januari 2012: Linke Soep, Studio 80, Amsterdam
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