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Genresdrum & bass, jungle
Representing real drum and bass at it's finest, Mantra's deep and emotive sound in the mix comes from an intense passion for the music. With a selection that's both inspirational as well as educational, her sets bring the beats into balance and cross the spectrum of dark and uplifting styles. Much more than just a DJ, Mantra has already made an impact across the drum and bass scene and looks set to keep rolling strong.
Conscious of the history of the music she loves yet always looking to push things forward, she's no newcomer and her involvement with drum and bass runs much deeper than just a hobby...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 6 april 2018: Subway XL, Factory 010, Rotterdam
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Eindelijk in de favorieten. :)

Samen met Flight en Alley Cat mijn favoriete vrouwelijke 'nieuwe' Drum & Bass en Jungle DJ-rette, na het gouden duo Kemistry (R.I.P.) & Storm. O:)