NaamWesley Texel
Genresdancehall, electro, house, r&b, urban
partyflock djwaxfiend (12 mrt 2015)
"WaxFiend the champion you see!"
A sample that is heard frequently throughout WaxFiend's notorious sets. This DJ from Amsterdam quickly became one of Europe's most sought after DJ's. Combining music from genres like Dancehall, HipHop, House, R&B, Dubstep & Pop he created a unique sound and is ready to rock any crowd, anywhere any time!

He has opened up shows for artist's like Rihanna, Sean Paul, Ludacris and Jagged Edge and collaborated with a-list dancehall artist's such as Busy Signal, Assassin, Gappy Ranks and many more on mixcd projects.

Besides his residencies in Holland, Denmark & Germany he has rocked clubs in almost every country in Europe and has regular gigs in the Caribbean and U.S.A.
In Holland WaxFiend has been nominated for several awards including the 'Best DJ' at the Dutch MOBO award. He has won awards for 'Best Mixtape' & 'Best Party'. In 2010 he was selected as one of the 4 dj's from Europe to join 'Shadyville Caribbean Dj's'.

Next to rocking the clubs, WaxFiend got involved with the well-known music service and the iPad app 'Noise-Pad'. He is also on the airwaves every Friday night on Holland's #1 urban radiostation 'FunX' hosting 'Da Goodness Mixshow' premiering the latest HipHop & R&B on dutch radio. One of his most successful business ventures to date is the infamous Jamrock concept. Known globally as Europe's #1 Dancehall party since 2005, Jamrock raised the bar by organizing events in Holland's top venues. Jamrock Radio is broadcasted in 6 countries worldwide and is one of the most important radioshow's in the Dancehall & Reggae scene.

Focused and dedicated to his job as a DJ and music ambassador, look out for Dj WaxFiend to come and tear the roof off at a club near you!
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