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partyflock Frezo Vivace (18 dec 2014)
From Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Frezo Vivace is in the early stage of his DJ/producer career. After having discovered how to compose his own music on the computer somewhere in 2004, he started making drum songs of what he was learning at his drum lessons. The results were great. In that days...

At school he learned all the ins and outs of sound and light engineering because he was part of the group that organised all the schoolparties and other events. It's there where he got in touch with playing music and entertaining audience. Since he's in university things are speeding up due to the amount of parties studentslife brings with it. At these parties he already played next to Hardwell, Quintino, Gregor Salto and Martin Garrix to name a few, and in clubs as Club BlinQ, Club Air and the Lido Club in Holland Casino Amsterdam.

Now Frezo has decided to seriously start a DJ and producer career, it's time to show what he's got. On his SoundCloud, you can hear a selection of productions made by Frezo in the last years. To show the progress, the older tracks will stay on the page, starting with the remix for the remix contest of Funkerman & Shermanology: Automatic. Make sure you stay up to date by following his activities on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, DJGuide and PartyFlock.
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 15 oktober 2015: Nachtstudent DJ & Friends, Cinema Club/Café, Amsterdam
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