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Stazma the Junglechrist (foto)
NaamJulien Guillot
Functielive act
Lid van groepThe Teknochrist
Genresbreakbeat, breakcore, jungle
SiteSite stazmathejunglechrist.com
If Breakcore is dead, then Stazma the Junglechrist is the resurrection!

Hailing from the same French stock as Monster X, Rotator and the infamous Peace Off imprint, Julien Guillot has been smashing up raves all across Europe since his first release on Peace Off in 2008 and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Having taken the early breakcore ethos of genre mashing and amen splicing, Julien delivers his sound of rave, gabber, jungle and dub with a modern, tight production that seems synonymous with the French these days.

As well as making a name for himself with releases on Meganeural, Structural Damage and Peace Off, it is Stazma's live show which displays his work best. A frenetic, yet finely tuned assault on the senses.
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Great set @­ Dominator!
wat een set gister te ziek (H)

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More fuckin Stazma is needed!
Damn, this was really awesome. Ces't la break!
*Press favorite*
Uitspraak van _Tim op woensdag 10 oktober 2012 om 20:52:
More fuckin Stazma is needed!

Stazma provides us with stamina!!
laatste aanpassing
Sick liveset on Dominator!!!
One of the best live acts i've seen
Sinds z'n set op Dominator ben ik fan van deze man. :respect: