Industrial Frequency (foto)
NaamDavid DeWulff
Functielive act
Lid van groepProlapse
Genreshardcore, industrial hardcore
Originally, Fruity Loops was a nice little piece of Software that created loops from samples.
I was pretty amazed when I first saw it.
It looked like a simple grid pattern sequencer and I could not figure out why even professional musicians liked it that much.
However, after playing with it for a while I couldn't stop. It sounded really nice, had a tight timing and you could work very relaxed with this tool!!!

I came up with the name Industrial Frequency because of the many samples i use in my music recorded while working my dayjob.
The samples are recorded in a industrial environment. That's why the word industrial is making part of my artistname.
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Deze koning weet hoe hij industrial moet produceren, waarneer kunnen we hem live zien?
laatste aanpassing
Erg vette producties!! Blijf zo doorgaan!!
Waarom word deze held gewoon nog steeds niet geboekt? Ik wacht er al meer dan een jaar op :kwijl: