NaamJonas Kopp
FunctieDJ, live act
Leeftijd36 - 37
Genresambient, house, techno
Boekingen viaSite
If you ask anyone in the music industry how they started their sonic journey of discovery, many will cite the radio or a certain DJ or band. For Jonas Kopp, that magical moment occurred as he began his teenage years with a piece of music that would shape his life: Kraftwerk's seminal album, Trans Europa Express. "From that moment nothing was the same." he recalls. "My father had seen I was interested in music and bought me a turntable and some vinyl." Gaining all the skills needed to be a DJ, he burst on to the scene in the mid '00s working as a resident DJ at a local radio station in his hometown of Buenos Aires. Aged 19, as Area 64, he had already made his first full length CD.
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Wat een ongelooflijke baas is dit joh!
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