Julio Bashmore (foto)
NaamMathew Stephen Walker
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genres2step, deephouse, electro, garage, house, techhouse
Boekingen viaSite pmrrecords.com
It might seem counterintuitive for a producer to detach themselves from one of the planet's most thriving music scenes, but in the case of Julio Bashmore, that's exactly what he did growing up in bass music hotbed, Bristol. You see, Julio's first love is house music. And operating just on the peripheries of the city's scene has allowed him to quietly cultivate a take on the genre unlike any other.
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2 opmerkingen

Wat een fakking platen maakt deze gast zeg....wow...erg blij dat ik zn beats ben tegen gekomen...propper detroit house/funk/bootybass whatevvvaaaa