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Genresgoa, lounge, progressive
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Madwin was born and raised in the North of the Netherlands and started his musical journey at the age of 16. He played lots of styles like, Trance, Techno, House, Goa and more!

Last couple of years his interest goes out to the more progressive side of house like Progressive House, Progressive Trance & Psy Trance, etc.

He also worked with some friends on a project called TressFebSlven7 to do Live Performances, Visuals & Dj Sets, lately he puts more and more time into his own project Madwin Silvercloud, and he is also DJ and partypromotor @ Start The FreakEnd, a Groninger Psy community who are giving Psytrance parties in and around Groningen. He played a couple of times at 3rd BIT parties and is now collaborating with 3rd BIT Events.
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hierbij reik ik u uit, de gouden blieb trofee