Lo Andela & Tom Caron (foto)
NaamAndela & Tom Caron
FunctieDJ, groep
Tom Caron, Tom Caron
Genresclassics, disco, eclectic, hip hop, house, oldschool
Boekingen viaSite enterdexter.com
Vroegere namen
  • Les Deuxx, tot 14 april 2016
Lo Andela and Tom Caron, are a duo that really know how to tear up a club. Having first teamed up a decade a go, they have become much loved regulars at famed Dutch festivals such as Amsterdam Open Air, Valtifest and Bungalup as well as playing at Chicago Social Club, Paradiso, Sugar Factory and many more top spaces around The Netherlands.
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Aaaah ik vind die UNICORN FUNK mix zooooo lekker! Mijn complimenten :-)