Le Demonist (foto)
NaamPaul Verlaan
FunctieDJ, producer
Boekingen viaSite bkjnbookings.com
Paul (Le Demonist) Starts dj'ing in the '90s, First he played hardcore at home and some local clubs with is alterego Active-x and Cronic but after a while hardcore was not his music anymore and he couldn't find his soul in that scene.

Till one day a friend came over to his house and played Hellfish-Dogfish from that moment he had found his true love again called "Frenchcore"

A few years later around 2005/2006 he starts to play frenchcore at some online radio stations untill 2011,From that year he started his own radioshow called "Frenchcore friday" at gabber.fm there he had makes a statement and Le Demonist was a fact and started to play at some local party's.
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Keep up the good work! Gij komt erwel.
is jou set van regiocore ook op lsdb te downloade ?
zoja kun je een link poste wil hem nog ff beluisteren :P
kerel echt super gedraaid gister :)
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
ik zal de filmpjes zo ff uplouden.
die weet wel wat rammen is!!! <3
laatste aanpassing
Setje dominator? Die was echt legendarisch!!!