Jackmaster (foto)
NaamJack Revill
Genres2step, dubstep, garage, hip hop, house, techno
SiteSite jackmaster.net
You never know exactly what you're going to hear with Jackmaster. The element of glorious surprise is crucial to his sets: from the lost Dance Mania gems he spends his time unearthing to forgotten Disco tracks to straight-up house and techno sets, the Numbers co-founder has more options up his sleeve than just about any other DJ out there – and a rare knack for connecting seemingly disparate styles with each other. 'I don't do eclecticism just for eclecticism's sake," he states firmly.
FabricLive 57 - Jackmaster · 3 juni 2011
De hier nog vrij onbekende Schotse DJ Jackmaster neemt ons op de nieuwste editie in de FabricLive reeks terug naar begin jaren '90.
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Idd wat een skills en platenkeus !