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Thanos discovered techno music in Belgium in 1992. He quickly took up mixing, starting with techno and acid techno mixes, and then he rapidly turned to the radical side of electronic music.
He founded FRAKTAL with his mates, organising the first hardcore free parties in Toulouse and its region.
In 1996, he created his own label, karnage, and took part in the creation of Tuluz Hard Core sound system (THC), organising together many free parties and teknivals in France.
In partnership with THX, Karnage took up producing big eclectic and hardcore parties,... he played in the whole Europe with Manu Le Malin, Radium, speed freak, Lenny Dee
His mixes' trend was hardcore dancefloor, with a preference for loud and powerful basses, combined with Indus sounds...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 23 april 2016: The Lost Island, Le Bikini, Ramonville-Saint-Agne
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