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NaamPete Howl
What's in a name? Considered 'King Of The Afterparty' by many, Pete knows how to howl at the moon as no other, leading a pack of die hard night wolves throughout 5 to 6 hour sets. Sending out constant diversity and well balanced suspense to the floor, he is in fact the guy that keeps the night young. So young that daytime often has to struggle to finally take over again.
As a 14-year old cup, he started mixing techno and house music, progressing into psychedelic trance and making his way to the top of the international trance mountain where he would firmly reside for about 5 years. Been there, done that, back to the roots.
Returning to his initial love for house and techno music Pete re-launched himself the proper way...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 7 juli 2018: Ostend Beach, Klein strand, Oostende
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