ParaPhaze (foto)
NaamRobin Hoesen
FunctieDJ, producer
Lid van groepenReady 4 Impact & Refluxed
Genreshardcore, hardstyle, house, jump, tekno
partyflock ParaPhaze (13 aug 2015)
Robin Hoesen, was born on the 18th of febuari 1994. grown up in Veenendaal, NL. When he was 11 he allready was interested in dance music. Together with his dad he made some techno trance tracks under the name "Chivo". When he got 13 he started listening to jumpstyle music and started creating it. After a while he discovered an harder style and fall in love with it, Hardstyle. He chose a new name: "ParaPhaze". Spending days and nights in the studio, Robin fell in love with creating and playing music. after "I Love You" and "Eternity" he is on fire!
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wow iemand die 17 is en nu al dikke vette liedjes maken :D