Fiedel (foto)
NaamMichael Fiedler
Genresminimal, techno
Boekingen viaSite
For Fiedel the three main musical influences are Electro/early Hip Hop (Egyptian Lover, Ice-T, 2 Live Crew, Mantronix), Acid/House (since 1986/87) and the Hard Wax record store in Berlin Kreuzberg. He started to dj publicly in the mid 90s on Mondays at a club called Subversiv, which then has been a constant in Berlin's underground techno scene. Fiedel has demonstrably been one of the first djs to play Electro in this context. Besides he played serious techno from Carl Craig, Jeff Mills, the Burden Brothers, Mathew Johnson, Monolake, Soundhack and many others. When the moment is right, he also plays Hi-NRG. As he puts hit himself: Music should not be pigeonholed.
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