Trish Former Friends (foto)
NaamTimo Spruitenburg, Timo Moors, Wessel Kruyt
FunctieDJ, groep
Timo Spruit, Timo Spruitenburg, partyflock Spruitt
Timo Moors, partyflock Timmmo
Wessel Kruyt, partyflock Wess"90
Genresprogressive, techhouse, techno
While their friendship with Tristan diluted, their love and passion for music got stronger. Three men strong, creative minds that love to put extra effort in playing the crowd, as they mentioned themselves: 'The afterhours are the best hours. Combining the best tracks from house, progressive and techno they have created their own sound which has a unique and euphoric effect on the music lovers that attend their events.

Besides their residency at Schmeck Pony, they have played at parties like Into The Woods, Sundercurrent, Amsterdam's most famous technoclub Studio 80 and numerous amounts of underground events. Always preferring 3 hours sets so that they can please the crowd with endless musical surprises.
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Major M
Boys are the shizzllee :p Te gekke persfoto ook....
goeie gasten! into the woods was HARD! :D
Terje Olsen
deze dudes zijn echt wel kon..­ oh nee wacht, chillen.­
Anno (NL)

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Briljante foto die in 1x de sfeer uitstraalt die deze jongens neerzetten als je ze boekt ;-D

Fijne foto indd..­
laatste aanpassing
horen thuis in 't rijtje, hawtin, holden, beyer.­ helden.­
Whoohoo Trish Former Friends! Whats your story?

Geniale foto trouwens:roflol:
jabbadabbadabba..­ Trish voormalige vrienden =­ gegarandeerd partyen!