Soulrage (foto)
NaamRalf van Gestel & Souza van Limpt
FunctieDJ, groep
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partyflock DJ Souza (17 jul 2015)
Soulrage is a dj duo from the south of the Netherlands, excisting out of Ralf van Gestel and Souza van Limpt.
Music has always been their passion. That's why they started as dj's on the age of thirteen. They performed in clubs such as Elsombrero, wich is one among the best clubs in the Netherlands and many more.
Ralf and Souza met each other on primary school and played keyboard together. This is when it all started. They stopped their keyboard lessons to make their own music. This is when they became interested in "Hardstyle".
Among the years they have invested in their own studio. After some experience in the studio and feedback from other artists they finished their own firts track. The only thing missing was a label.
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