Alex Niggemann (foto)
NaamAlex Niggemann
Leeftijd33 - 34
Genreshouse, minimal, techhouse, techno
Boekingen viaSite
Born 1984 in Dusseldorf, Niggemann is a producer, DJ and label owner. Alex is erratic – in a truly human way. In the nineties, his impulsiveness led him to discover that playing classical piano was indeed very limiting. This motivated him to search for a more rewarding means of self-expression.

As a teenager, he dressed in typical hip-hop fashion and spent his time focusing on rap and stylewriting. When he was fifteen, his older brother took him to a techno party. This became the turning point for the young, headstrong musician and pointed the way in a new direction. By the time he was sixteen, Alex had picked up some turntables and transformed his room into a studio.
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