NaamDean Rodell
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groepMachine Code
Genresdrum & bass, techno
Heading up the impressive Subdivision media entity, grouping 4 sub-labels as well as Berlin's new, but already well-respected 'Subland' club; Dean Rodell represents a significant force in the underground music scene. He has been involved since the early 90's, and is behind dozens of innovative, genre-fusing records and remixes on many of the worlds leading Techno, DnB & Bass labels

Deans innovative approach to music has led him to branch out into the worlds of Drum&Bass and Dubstep and in 2004 he created Subdivison Media to house a family of labels (Subsistenz, Subtrakt, Subviolenz & UF) and artists involved in all the scenes he loves in the pursuit of musical innovation.
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