Defiance (foto)
NaamKenneth Verstraete & Nick van de Casteele
FunctieDJ, live act, groep
Mr. I, Kenneth Verstraete, Nederland , partyflock Mr. I - Defiance
Nikken, Nick van de Casteele, BelgiŽ , partyflock Nikken - Defiance
HerkomstNederland BelgiŽ
Genresclassics, french tek, hardcore, hardstyle, jump, oldschool
It all started back in 2005 when Kenneth & Nick met each other in The-Lambo!

Kenneth born in Holland was busy as Mr.I and had some releases on Tuning Beats and bootlegs played in some of the biggest clubs!

Nick born in Belgium was at the same time busy with Nikken he was resident @ The-Return (Vosselaar BE) and played with some of the greatest dj's in the scene!

in 2009 they decided to form an alliance! Defiance was born at this point!

They are both defiant and hate narrow minded sets! They're oldskool! In 2011 they got their first release together with Hupplecuntz (AKA Demoniak) - All The Girls! This track was supported by some big guys in the scene! And played on every big festival/event!
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