W!ld (foto)
NaamGuillaume Duchastel De Montrouge
FunctieDJ, producer
AliasChris Carrier
Genreshouse, techhouse
Boekingen viaSite cocoon.net
Deep, dark, acid, sexy house music has always been closest to the heart of DJ W!LD. For many, the recent rise of DJ W!LD - the Circo Loco residency, the WMC and Sonar debuts, the joining of Cocoon's world-renowned roster - has him pegged as one of the most exciting new talents on the scene. To those in the know, the accolades are simply long-overdue recognition for one of France's long-serving underground house heroes. No matter your perspective, the truth is undeniable: DJ W!LD is one of the most deserving breakthrough acts of recent years.
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Chris Carrier aka W!LD aka Catwash!

Leipe producer!