Functielive act
Genresbreakcore, eclectic
From the cultural swamps of Australia's most gleaming citadel, crawl Monster Zoku Onsomb! A Brisbane based ensemble who have forged their own sound from the shattered pieces of kitsch retrodelica and contemporary bass culture (retrofuturism anybody?). MZO! have no real contemporaries in Australia to which they can be compared, and they deserve more than a lazy string of genre comparisons. They are musically driven by art - action - empathy, and they are an unbeatable fiesta live! .. injecting every venue that can hold them, and any crowd that can take them, with infectious energy. You wont know what it was but You WILL smile & You WILL dance.
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 15 maart 2018: BangFace Weekender, Pontins, Southport
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