Les Mecs Eclectics (foto)
NaamVincent De Craene, Eric Yamazawa & Andréas De Zutter
FunctieDJ, live act, groep
Genresclub, electro, groove, r&b
SiteSite les-mecs.be
Boekingen viaSite crossover-agency.com
Les Mecs is a group of 3 dj's based in Ghent and founded in 2003.
They are known for their powerful & eclectic mixing and their goal is to create
a unique party atmosphere for the crowd with a combination of house, electro, r&b, dub step & classics

Over the years they have been playing all around the country on several events, festivals & clubs such as:
Tomorrowland, Dance D-Vision, Xbeach Festival, Lollipop Festival, City Parade, Gotha Club, Vip Room Belgium, Culture Club, Noxx, Carré, Kokorico, Krush Club, Fuse, etc
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