Baile Phunk (foto)
NaamBaile Phunk
Genresbreakbeat, dubstep, electro, groove, hip hop, house, latin, urban
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Baile Phunk is ready to blow your speakers! Being friends from highschool, Baile Phunk forms a DJ-crew (since 2008) who's playing their interpretation of 'phunk' in it's widest form. With high-speed mixing and a lot of energy they will play the biggest new house / moombahton / baile funk / hiphop / eclectic tracks, together with well-known danceclassics, bootlegs and edits. With this typical style they know how to rock every party. After a small sabbatical and solo-carreer of the crewmembers, they rejoined forces and restarted producing together again. Baile Phunk is ready to rock and show Holland and the world what they are all about!
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 28 juli 2017: Castle of Love, Bongerd markt, Heerlen
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