DECOY (foto)
NaamYouri De Coninck
Lid van groep3AM
Genresminimal, techno
Vroegere namen
  • Nick Vallon, tot 1 augustus 2016
Son of a Deejay, Youri De Coninck was destined to do only one thing: playing, making and loving music. On top of that, his old man represented house and techno from the 90's. House music was a daily basis for this young exploring kid. Only ten years old but compilations like "At The Villa, Fuse, Serious Beats, Extreme, Illusion & I Love Techno" were the favored albums of this youngster. Mixing records at the age of 14, becoming a dj at the age of 16 and a 2 years residency at a 1400 people capacity club at the age of 22 was the foundation of the artist/promoter he is today. At the age of 26, Nick with all his experience started FloorFiller. Surrounded by good friends and colleagues, they can speak of a successful start...
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