NaamSönke Möhl
FunctieDJ, live act
Leeftijd37 - 38
Genresacid, ambient, breakcore, downtempo, electro, speedcore
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partyflock Low Entropy (27 jan 2017)
...born 1980 in Hamburg, Germany. in 1996 i discovered the world of hard electronic music...
and immediately fell in love with it... i never heard music with that extreme energy and passion behind it before...
in 1997 i decided to create music myself... my style back then was mostly experimental hardcore, breakcore and speedcore...
in 2000 i had my first release then, my 12" on Blut recordings.
later that year, Betty Bombshell and me started a show on the terrestrial radio station "FSK" in Hamburg.
the idea of the show was to broadcast music from the experimental and hard music scenes to an audience that might have not much contact with that kind of sound before. Betty left the show in 2001.
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Laatste optreden was op woensdag 31 december 2003: Death to our enemies, Baracke, Hamburg
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Treedt deze dude nog op? Heeft wel wat vette producties op zijn naam :)

Back to the Oldschool :respect: