Suyano (foto)
NaamSjoerd IJpelaar
FunctieDJ, producer
Genreshouse, progressive
partyflock Suyano (2 mrt 2015)
Sjoerd IJpelaar, better known as Suyano, grew up in Breda where other heavyweights like Tiesto, Hardwell and R3hab also have their origin. At the age of 8, this promising new kid on the block started playing drums. And now, at 22, this musical education is one of the many things that makes him stand out as a DJ. Why? Because his DJ-sets go further than turntables and a mixer. On request, Suyano uses a drumpad during his gigs making it more than just a DJ-set. He makes it a live performance. A live performance that is as energetic and thrilling like watching a real drummer pouring his heart out on a drum kit. Suyano's sets are full of energy and have a unique style...
Nope Is Dope 13 – Mixed by Suyano & Ralvero · 3 augustus 2012
Nummer 13 in de reeks. Betekent dat een ongelukkige editie van Nope is Dope? Aan Suyano en Ralvero zal het niet liggen, want die breken de tent af samen.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 20 oktober 2018: Revealed Night, Q-Factory, Amsterdam
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super set op Nope is Dope

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