Steef (foto)
NaamStefan Badenbroek
Lid van groepvroeger: Team XVI
Smooth talking MC Steef, with his constantly positive attitude, is always happy and cheerful during his performance. He is a party activator and hyper with catchy Master of Ceremony qualities which he combines effortless with his great sense of humour. Primarily, MC Steef has been influenced by the UK garage and Drum and Bass scene, But it didn't end there! From R&B, hiphop to house, MC Steef has mastered them all! Soon enough he was approached by many festivals which requested him to host the shows. He hosted the bevrijdingsfestival' in Amersfoort and Haarlem, Via Del Mondo', Mundial' and Sneakerz'. Besides all these festival bangers, he hosts in Club Bermuda, Eindhoven...
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