Mr. Madness (foto)
NaamSaso Justin
FunctieDJ, producer
Genreshardcore, hardtechno, industrial hardcore
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"I was born with passion for music!"

Mr.Madness is the founder of hardcore music in Slovenia. With his unique sytle called "Madcore27" he knows how to make crowd go crazy and doesn't let them breath for a second. His releases on labels like Industrial Strength and many others he stands still in the hardcore scene globaly!
Saso Justin started to write history in 1997, as the first Slovenian hardcore DJ to perform in Austria, Germany, Hungary, and The Netherlands as well as all the major clubs arround Slovenia, he would be known as »The Godfather of Hardcore« in Slovenia and the best Closing act you can have!
Ground Zero 2012 - The Night Project · 29 oktober 2012
De eerste van september was het einde van de zomer en het einde van het festivalseizoen. maar Ground Zero beukte toch nog even alles los. Het festival noemt zichzelf het rauwste dat er is. De hardstyle werd aan de kant geschoven voor de cd release. Dj Predator en Mr. Madness namen beide mixen voor hun rekening; de een wat harder en rauwer dan de andere.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 23 december 2017: Gabberbeurs, Graanbeurs, Breda
14 waarderingen
Nice sound @ ground zero!! a new fan is born.. Keep it up (Y)
Ground zero:respect: keep going this hard shit!!
Ground Zero set!!! :respect:
i just love your work :respect:
Der Dogge
Nice work @ the serious party (Y)(Y)(Y)
you are the simply the best!
screw u 2
:respect: you rocked da place man!
tha masta
another perfect set from you @hc hooligans (Y)
lekker mix!!! technisch perfect
:D :respect:
lekker set @­ serious!!!
*­ GeKKe's 11-je *­
you did a nice job (Y)
Jacqui D
Very good dj and a nice guy ;)

28 opmerkingen

slovenian hardcore dj! :respect:
can wait to hear you in aril again!!!
your set rocks man,i like also you trax....this is madness this is sparta!!! :bounce:
Looking forward to have you playing @ my bday (Y)
your sets rocks man,keep on bangin'(Y)
respect man,when do you release new set or track? :P
lekker setje @ hc explosion :D
IBJBN!!!!! I'll be there :P
Gr8 release man! Love your trax,keep it bangin' !
Fight! Echt goed!
Congrats on release,break the silence my fav :P
Nice guy and a good producer!
Very very nice set at Ground zero, what a show!!!
Ground zero set + cd :respect: heerlijk
Ground Zero afsluiter was baaaas!
great set in saturday at Cenobite area! (Y)
Thank you guys for your nice words, i will make sure you will much hear more from me :)