Cuyper (foto)
NaamMichael de Cuyper
Lid van groepDualizers
Michael aka Cuyper fell in love with (hard)techno music at a very young age.
After some years his love for this music got bigger and bigger and he decided to buy his first turntables and a mixer!

Cuyper practiced very hard, every day, to create his own vision of this music!
Nowadays he brings hardtechno sets with variations of hard & deep bassdrums and dark & funky rhythms!

He always wants to place an original and varied set that gives the crowd no chance to stand stil!
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6 opmerkingen

Zijn inderdaad lekkere setjes.≠ chill dat ie ook veel setjes op livesets-online zet.≠
dj G.H.B
Artiest G.H.B
veel talent en skills, aanrader!!
vette sets, ik denk goed talent in aantocht (?)
heer en meester...≠belgiiiee