MickeyG (foto)
NaamMick Geerts
Lid van groepvroeger: G-Bazz
SiteSite mickeyg.nl
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MickeyG/Mick Geerts is a Dutch (Euphoric) Hardstyle DJ/Producer who is taking the world by storm! Since the release of his track Into My World, he has been supported in every major podcast/radioshow out there and people are requesting him on events everyday! He's known for his energetic, uplifting and catchy tracks and crazy energetic performances on stage. These two combined are a guarantee to a crowd going wild, no matter how big or small the event! MickeyG receives a lot of support from colleagues, such as Technoboy, Tuneboy, Noiseshock, Energyzed, Geck-o, DJ Thera. DJ Stephanie, and fans...
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