Bastine (foto)
NaamPiet Berkers
Genresdrum & bass
partyflock Bastine (4 sep 2011)
Ex-resident of one of the best drum & bass parties in the southern part of The Netherlands: DNNB aka "Drum NN Bass". This event wass held at poppodium NIEUWE NOR in Heerlen and had an incredible record for being sold out almost every time since the start at february 2007.

Also Bastine helped to start a party called 'Drum 'n Bass In Your Face' in Middelburg, the Netherlands.

He has shared the DJ-booth with artists like Ed Rush, Spor, Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Jade, Phace, Limewax, State of Mind, King Cannibal, Dirtyphonics and many more.
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:respect: Dik gedraaid gister :d

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