NaamJeroen Broxterman
Genreselectro, garage, house
partyflock Jollygood (3 aug 2010)
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  • Jollygood, tot 1 augustus 2018
Jollygood mc is young man who dedicated his life to music since his younger years. Born on the late 80's Jeroen Broxterman was raised by a family that didn't had any musical talent or anything near that. So there was a reason for him to be born his mom said to him. By the age of 12/13 Jollygood came in touch with the funky grooves off funk soul and hip hop while moving through life as a full-time bboy. There was no time for school and homework, all because he loved to see the world go up and down while twisting circles on the floor. Next to bboying Jollygood had other interests. That's right.. mcing..
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