Alessio Mereu (foto)
NaamAlessio Mereu
Functielive act
Genresminimal, techno
Alessio Mereu is an artist from Sardinia, whose burning passion for music started as a child and grew thanks to years of piano lessons. He later moved on to the production of electronic music.

In 2007 the urge to experiment as soul player the effect of his tracks on the dance floor led him to perform live and he soon started touring throughout Italy and Europe, USA and South America. His live act reflects the style of his productions, dominating the dance floor with a refined yet powerful sound, and at the same time establishing a deep connection with the audience.
Alessio Mereu - Tripolarity Remixes · 22 april 2012
Medio 2011 verscheen 'Tripolarity', het debuutalbum van de Italiaan Alessio Mereu. Deze maand verscheen er, in digitale vorm en op 2x12" vinyl, een remix versie van het album.
Alessio Mereu - Tripolarity · 21 juni 2011
In de afgelopen twee jaar heeft de van SardiniŽ afkomstige Alessio Mereu flinke progressie gemaakt in zijn carriŤre, wat onlangs uitmondde in de release van zijn debuutalbum 'Tripolarity'.
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