Darkxcess (foto)
NaamAndy Sabkhi
Genreshardcore, harddance, hardstyle, hardtrance, jump, techno
partyflock Darkxcess (22 aug 2009)
Grandson of a famous musician, Andy was raised up with music but his passion for this art reveals late to him. In 2004, aged 17, he meets DJ Furax and this meeting is decisive. Through spending time with the artist, Andy discovers electronic music and also learns the mixing skills which are closely linked to it. With Furax' support, he launches out into a deejay and composer career under the name Darkxcess. But Andy wants to go further: wishing to share his passion, he creates, in association with a friend, the party concept 2Reactions, which main goal is introducing deejays from various horizons for the first time in Wallonia.

Above all, Andy is a passionate young man, an impassioned dreamer, utopian, a word and poetry lover, a romantic ignoring himself, shortly: an artist. Art transcends him, the stage is his element and music is like a second skin to him.

His musical interests are quite eclectic: he likes the melodies of Lynda Lemay, Raphaël, Calogero, Laurent Voulzy, Julien Clerc, Fonky Family, without leaving out the singer Damien Saez, whom Andy truly worships. The poetry contained in Saez' lyrics puts Andy's emotions and philosophy in words.

Since his promising first steps, Andy already performed at various events such as City Parade, Phase 04, The Qontinent, Bassleader or Laundry Day, as in several clubs (Complex, Cap'tain, Teknik Factory, Metropolis,..). He has already performed beside confirmed artists such as Furax, Headhunterz, Brennan Heart, Wildstylez, Neophyte, Evil Activities, [undefined=undefined], Coone, Chicago Zone, Lobotomy Inc, Dark-E, Ghost,… etc.
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