Crookers (foto)
NaamFrancesco Barbaglia
FunctieDJ, live act
Oud lid
BOT, Andrea Fratangelo
Known for his earth-shaking live performances and cutting-edge albums, Francesco 'Phra" Barbaglia has quickly become one of the most prominent djs working today. As the founding member of Crookers, he has shown the ability to not only create massive club hits but also a desire to push the genre forward through fearless innovation and a tireless work ethic. With numerous remix credits for artists ranging from the Chemical Bros to Kid Cudi, a recent, highly acclaimed live set at EDC and a new album in the works, Phra has shown no signs of slowing down.
Crookers - Dr Gonzo · 7 januari 2012
Phra en Bot, beter bekend als Crookers brengen ons hun nieuwe wapenfeit "Dr. Gonzo". Een album waarin voorgoed wordt afgerekend met de hokjesgeest?
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Crookers - Dr Gonzodoor Eldoradozaterdag 7 januari 2012