Rhadoo (foto)
NaamRadu Bogdan Cilinca
Lid van groepRPR
Genresminimal, techno
SiteSite arpiar.ro
He needs no introductions or credits. Rhadoo is one of the most familiar names of the Romanian clubbing scene. Hard to enframe as a style, DJ, producer and remixer, Rhadoo simultaneously developed next to the local electronic movement, bearing on it and being its fundamental rammer.

You saw him in the club, listened to him on the radio and danced beside him till the dawn; constant, clean-cut and unexpected, he feeds your senses, taking the fancy of, each time differently.
Blending new with old, Rhadoo jelled a definitive and futurist sharp-cut imprint.
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aan de 293 fans van rhadoo !! , vrijdag 16 oktober in zoo club hasselt , rhadoo !! met warmup kia en dan andrei !!