Tito (foto)
NaamSteven Thierens
Lid van groepTito & Echo Virus
Genresdrum & bass
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Tito started listening to drum n bass in the year 1999, after his friends convinced him to join a drum n bass party somewhere in Antwerp. That was the day the dnb-virus bit him. Fast and heavy drumlines with a furious bass!
Getting realy interested in this style of music Tito bought his first Technics and mixer and started exploring the world of drum n bass. One year later he had his first bookings and now he plays all over the country and confirmed his first international bookings in France, Austria,Holland and Slovakia..
Titos' style ranges from deep rollers to dark and raw,wobble and jump up, bringing loads of variation in his sets! You can also find him mixing back to back with Echo Virus on regular occasions...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 10 augustus 2018: Hospitality Antwerp, Magiq Spiegeltent Noordkasteel, Antwerpen
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