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NaamAnand Mishra
Genresgoa, trance
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DJ Anand was born in India and is Russian-Indian by ethnicity. Having spent most of his life in India, his travels led him to the Netherlands in 2005 and he has been here since.

DJ Anand's musical trails started out from listening to House, Club, Euro-Trance and Techno around 1999. In a deeper search for diverse electronic music and interesting subcultures, he found some parties with positive vibes around Pune, Mumbai and Goa in India. He has been listening to Psy-Trance since around 2002, and along the way eventually discovered the realm of Psy-Ambient and Chill-Out genres. Following this, he started experimenting and mixing with music around 2007.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 26 november 2016: Trance Orient Express, Kerk Ruigoord, Amsterdam
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