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Laatste optreden was op zondag 28 juli 2013: Tomorrowland, Schorre, Boom
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PsyTox (formerly Norman Bates) has been dj'ing since 1989 on parties throughout Belgium and the neighbouring countries. Rather than being pigeonholed into one style of music, he mixes very eclectic sets, including elements of acid, house, techno, deephouse, minimal, breakz, d'n'b,... . It has brought him to a wide variety of venues in different scenes.
After having played on various gigs such as MuZZiC on NYE (together with Arcana), he was invited for the second year in a row to Marco Bailey's Birthday. He has also played alongside alltime heroes Andrew Weatherall (Minimalicious) and Andre Galuzzi (Intenze) and on KozzMozz. October 2006 also has seen the birth of Coincidence Records, a new label which he has started together with Edward Molton. Currently he's busy producing tracks for Coincidence as well as gigs on various events such as KozzMozz, Intenze, BOA and Footworxx, to name just a few...

+ Played at:

Clubs: Fuse, Decadance, Le Cube, Lagoa, Extreme, Cherry Moon, TheZoo, Carat, Megadrome D'Yore, Zenith, BBC, Lamborghieni, Fame, Ferrari's, La Kocca, Ckomilfoo,...

Events: KozzMozz, MuZZiC, Minimalicious, Marco Bailey's Birthday (2005+2006), Footworxx, Intenze, Elementz, Klangwerk, Pro-Jekt, Fe-Male, Young Talent Corner, FFWD, Bass Boogie @ Fuse, Funk You!, Free The Funk, Night o/t Rave, Lightning, Dream, Mystique, Dance Explosion, HS Birthday @ Lagoa, Sessionz, Art|fact, Appletree, Webster Hall,...

+ The name-dropping list (Dj's I played With):

Andrew Weatherall, Andre Galuzzi, Dave Mothersole, Donnacha Costello, Radioactive Man, David Carretta, Dj Dan, Dj Rush, Chris Liebing, Charles Siegling, Gayle San, Space Dj'z,B-Trax feat. Justin Berkovi,, Marco Bailey, General Midi, Cari Lekebush, Speedy J, Dave Angel, Oxia, C1, Mike Dearborn, 100% Isis, Floornoiz, Trish Van Eynde, Tomaz, RedHead, Moodlex, Ed&Kim, Cyrix, Andreas Kremer, Fly, Yves De Ruyter, Phi-Phi, Olivier Pieters, Miss Yetti, Arkanoid, Jan Van Biesen, Mr.C, Seba Lecompte, Re:nald & krewl, Vanno, Lysergic, Spacid, Arcana, Clar&Cameo,...