Phil Weeks (foto)
NaamPhil Weeks
Lid van groepFries & Bridges
Phil Weeks is a house music purist. Whether DJing or producing, the Parisian with the huge personality delivers raw beats influenced in equal measure by classic Chicago house and nu‐school French flair, underpinned with a hip‐hop attitude. His long running Robsoul Recordings also defines him as one of the most skilled label heads in underground house music.
In the studio Phil is dedicated to classic hardware like Akai's MPC 3000 sampler and Roland's TR909 drum machine. He has released more than 250 tracks and remixes since his debut in 2000, working with labels including 2020 Vision, Music For Freaks, Brique Rouge, Detour, Adult Only and his own Robsoul, which is responsible for the majority of his original output.
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