Petrochemical (foto)
NaamAndré Løver & Espen Westum
FunctieDJ, producer, groep
Lid van groepInsane Dj Mafia
Genresdarkcore, hardcore, industrial hardcore
ToXtoy and Bioserver met each other by coincident outside their highschool in 1998. Bioserver needed to light his cigarette and asked the person closest to him, who happened to be ToXtoy.They immediately started talking about music ofcourse, and found out that they had fairly similar taste. But at the time bioserver had not heard about Hardcore. So after ToXtoy introduced him to it, he went home and produced his first Hardcore called "A Gun In Your Hand".So after Bioserver showed ToXtoy the track, they got the idea to begin producing Hardcore together...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 5 april 2014: N.O.R.A.D, Rodenburg, Beesd
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+Flip 0_o
Sick set at GZ
Great set @ Ground zero :respect:
Dr Darkness
Sick productions:respect:
Tomik NL
Poekie Poes O:)
Very good at Ground zero.(6)
De Consument
G - Wel - Dig :respect:
TimMer1981 :woop:
Petrochemical!!! :respect:
Revolting Against
these guys rule big time

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Super DJ :D _0_ Petrochemical _0_

Vette tracks.. - Subsist :D
Jaaah :jaja: Ranzig lekker :jaja: En lefhebben... ja toch?
Netherwold, Subsist, Blood & Metal, Soul Grinder: Awesome guys!
Werkzaam bij KKNTS!
Espen for President ;)
Seriously, Clockwork Paralysis with TOA is another masterpiece. These guys keep giving me aural orgasms :kwijl:
Uitspraak van ߥM op donderdag 14 februari 2008 om 23:04:
Espen for President ;)

SHAME! Don't forget Andr! :p

Petrochemical is TWO people... not only me ;)
blood & metal :respect:
Uitspraak van Krauser op zondag 13 april 2008 om 13:28:
Seriously, Clockwork Paralysis with TOA is another masterpiece. These guys keep giving me aural orgasms :kwijl:

oooh kinky!! ;D
looking forward to Q-Base
but what time do you spin the magic wheels?!
Lang geleden dat we wat van deze mannen hebben gehoord, hopelijk verandert dat na hun gig op Ground Zero :)
ge gaat der snel nog wat van horen na ground zero! :cheer:
Dikke dikke set op Hardshock :respect:
Uitspraak van JSKI op zaterdag 14 april 2012 om 17:23:
Dikke dikke set op Hardshock :respect:

Uitspraak van Terrorhead:bounce: op dinsdag 17 april 2012 om 20:05:
Damn right, super set!! :bounce:
Thanks alot guys! :D

Be sure to stay tuned for new mixes in the future ;)
Great set last night! Really enjoyed it ohyeah thanks for the 2 beers ;)
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Sick set @ ground zero..Fucking dark :)
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