foto Delirium
NaamJeremy Malvasia
FunctieDJ, producer
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
Genresearly hardcore, hardcore


Ever since the early 90's, DJ Delirium has been a forefront leader in the hardcore scene. He's appeared countless times at some of the world's largest events, and has had tracks featured on some of the world's most legendary hardcore compilations including Thunderdome and Resident E.

To date, DJ Delirium has released over 70 slammin productions with some of hardcore's most recognized companies including ID&T, Industrial Strength, Masters of Hardcore, Cenobite Records, MegaRave, Psy-Cho-Tik, Fix Party & Encore. DJ Delirium's got studio skills and has proven that with his top quality productions.

Anyone who's ever seen DJ Delirium perform knows about his smooth mixing and tight scratching. His DJ skills have taken him from New York to Holland, Italy to LA...
28 februari 2009
Foto's, Reng Deng Deng, 28 februari 2009, North Sea Venue, Zaandam
24 november 2007
Foto's, Earthquake, 24 november 2007, Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen
2 juni 2007
Foto's, Ghosttown 2007, 2 juni 2007, Vechtsebanen, Utrecht
24 september 2005
Foto's, Poltergeist, 24 september 2005, HappydayZZ, Culemborg
29 april 2005
Foto's, Armageddon, 29 april 2005, Tapperij, Hoogeveen
22 januari 2005
Foto's, SledgeHammer, 22 januari 2005, The Power Zone, Amsterdam
9 oktober 2004
Foto's, Hellbound, 9 oktober 2004, Amstelborgh / Borchland Hallen, Amsterdam
4 september 2004
Foto's, Multigroove, 4 september 2004, Hemkade, Zaandam
3 juli 2004
Foto's, E-Fect, 3 juli 2004, Het Hulsbeek, Oldenzaal

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Waakwortel !
best !
(6) Godfather B)
Zen Master D [Tec-9]
Funky Skunk(h)
Hermaniak (Gabber Syndrome)
I was born Hardcore!! heerrrlijkk
Holy Noise
mi Favorite Dj :D keep up the Excelent work...
dj Epileptic
boom, bass, boom, boom, BASS
DJ Stony Montana
Great DJ sets and records (Y) keep it up!!
DJ Brunoxide
jeremy, you fucking rock!!!!!! :respect:
leipe shit ouwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delirium! :respect: HELD
THE BEST OF THE BEST!!! C U @­ DRACHTEN 13-11-09!!!!!
You were great at earthquake ! I really enjoyed your set ! See you | raving nightmare ! Heroo _o_
a great man and a great DJ !! see ya!!
#­P@­rty G@­ngster
Super dj (Y) :respect:
I met you saturday the 11th in Zalinaz. You were above and I receive a joint from you. Thanks for that;). I see you at Ground Zero
jopie mulder
vroegah ving niemand hem op toen ie van het podium afsprong whewhe
your set @ RengDengDeng was superb, :respect: and thanks forr the pics man !!!
respect! very special style, one of my favorites
Hardware Machinery
eeej martijn fixparty ook op de foto :P
is een super dj was alleen jammer van het kut geluid op 15 jaar nightmare
~Anna~­Devil'­s Delight
Hell Yeah Jeremy! you were awesome last saturday! Praying Mantis Rulez
HHHHEEEE Jerr, you've get me say cheezzz all the time! luv your max .­energie, sounds and hope to hear / see more of you in the future
Knaller :bier:
delirium :respect:
Tony the Torment
DJ stage dive(Y)
Fuckin' Hero !
Dj Xylonite
Jeremy, missed you @­ 15years of thunderdome, see ya next time!!!
the cricket gets wicket !!!!!! the real CHAMP :D
vette producer gangsta sound drop da beat samen met omar santana en psyco style met promo allemaal vet!!
! *­Scalp 'M*­ !
Scratchcore by Delirium!!! :P
The cricket get's wicked! :respect: to Delirium! zen draaistijl en platenkeuze zijn helemaal top!

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idd die cd heb ik ook liggen. Delirium's trucjes zijn vet altijd (y)
whaha was wel n mooie sprong t publiek in in 96 n ook nog ns n lkker nummer
egt he ben gewoon te laat gebore kkleve
Uitspraak van Foltergeist op zondag 3 december 2006 om 22:02:
Dance Or Die

Was ik daar maar bij geweest vroeger

of niet dan misschien wel het feest waar ik het liefste bij had willen zijn :/

Uitspraak van Rem2go070 op zondag 23 maart 2008 om 14:07:
ben gewoon te laat geboren
Uitspraak van thunderboy op donderdag 28 februari 2008 om 16:02:
whaha was wel n mooie sprong t publiek in in 96 n ook nog ns n lkker nummer

ik zag het toen gebeuren ik stond er vlakbij
iedereen snel aan de kant en daar lag ie met n gebroken kaak :lol:
dat moment vergeet ik nooit meer.....
Guess Who's Back... :respect:
always fun with this guy on the weels of steel:D
who do we see here..­

dont do any stagediving again..­

not this days everyones paranoid hah

but i will catch ya
Dikke tracks gemaakt

The Crowd Bouncer :respect:
You &­ dj vince inspired me to be a dj myself, with vinyl offcourse.­
I like the early live set's and youre released tracks.­
The younger music &­ mainstream is not my thing.­
Give me back the music and styles of the 90's
Greetz Robin
What kind of music Style do you like te most? The newer styles or the style of the good old days?
Greetz Robin
DJ Delirium Presents The Garbage Man- Outta Ya Fuckin Mind / Messin With Ya Head / Take A Trip ( Ya Know )
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