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NaamPaul Veth
Genresclub, electro, groove, latin, techhouse
partyflock Paul Veth (16 apr 2014)
His great ability to understand what the crowd wants to hear makes Paul Veth a dj that can make a hell of a party. In the last years he became a coming name in local Dutch house music. As a regular seen guest in hometown Breda, he is now taking on the rest of The Netherlands and countries abroad.

Not without any success he started out playing house six years ago. He soon got a weekly residency in De Spock in Breda, the venue where big names like Funkerman and Tiesto started out. As a result of this residency Paul Veth has a growing number of bookings since then. He played some Hed Kandi events and at venues like Escape Venue, Hotel Arena, Off_Corso, Breda Barst, Zalinaz and Kerkplein. And that's to name a few! In Belgium and Poland he is also booked frequently.

Production wise Paul released the tracks 'Masquerade', 'Dubbin' and 'Tormentoso on Rizardo Records in 2010. In 2011 'All There Is' was released on PM Recordings (by Spinnin') and 'Clap', 'And We Can' and 'Feels So Good' were released on Dirty Soul (Be Yourself Music). The follow up was 'Make You Feel Alright' featuring Elton Jonathan Kroon, which also was released in 2011, on Dirty Soul.

This year Paul Veth has a busy release schedule. First up: 'Dali's Groove' (March 2012), including a slamming J-Soul remix. Excellent support by Judge Jules, Axwell & many more. After that Fast Eddie ft. Joe Smooth & Max A Million - Rock Yo Body (Paul Veth Remix) on Black Hole Recordings is released. Another Paul Veth track is 'Do The Talking' on Wildlife (March 2012) and Daniel Wanrooy ft. Blake Lewis - Stay In The Moment (Paul Veth Remix) is out in April, also on Black Hole Recordings.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 23 november 2013: Dance Festival Breda, Chasse theater, Breda
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:bier: Mika di Mare :bier:
Altijd een gezellig feestje met Paul bij Parc :)
Paul is Veth!
Magic Psilo
Paultje Veth :respect:
mc eco
Camel boz
Dit is echt kwaliteit! :respect:
Deze man is echt goed! :respect:
DJ Stefan K.
Paul Veth Rules!!! Peace brother

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Pauk-UF-Veth resident :) Altijd bloedhete sets, atmosfeer en stampende doch meeslepende beats en melodieen.

Voorrral doorrrgaan.