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NaamStefan Posavljak
Genresdeephouse, minimal, techhouse, techno
Life for me as a Dj started round 2004. I Always was fascinated by music. The new youthhouse opened and I got a chance to become resident there. Cuz I didn..t had my own records, I could use records of them. Later I bought my own records and started creatin.. my own style. Soon I Became a regular guest on parties in the neighbourhood. More and more people asked me for parties in the area and ..round 2004 I got a chance playin.. at Angels & Devils, together with bigger names as Michael Forza, Christophe and Eloy. Later came bookings from such as KW, Barabar, Nightlive and Cube. Summer of 2005 I participated at the great Top Radio Dj Contest, in which I made it till the finals and eventually became 5th of more than the 450 young talents...
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May your CHRISTMAS be happy
and right from the start,
may the NEW YEAR bring all that is
dear to your heart!!!

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