Frederico (foto)
NaamJoost Frederickx
FunctieDJ, producer
Lid van groepVibestr DJ Team
Genresbass, eclectic, hip hop, r&b, trap
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The foundation for his success and drive is without a doubt his love for music. Ever since he started listen- ing to music and bought his first turntables at the age of 15, he was determent to bring his love to the people and has done so with great success.

His unique style and entrepreneurship resulted in the hugely successful party concept "R&B Diamonds", founded and created by Frederico in 2005. With over a thousand attendants each night he managed to give the crowd the time of their lives together with guest artists they brought to Belgium & Holland like Taio Cruz, Trey Songz, Ginuwine, Fatman Scoop, Jagged Edge, 112, Lumidee, Magic System, ...!
After 5 unforgettable years, Frederico left the Diamonds company in 2010 to focus 100% on his dj career.
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